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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Winnemem to file lawsuit asking redress for harms


After many years of blood, sweat and tears, the Winnemem Wintu Tribe is finally taking to Federal Court, their case regarding the failure of the United State government to live up to the obligations and promises made through the 1941 Central Valley Project – Indian Land Acquisition Act.

We will be filing a complaint in Federal Court (Eastern District in Sacramento) on April 20, 2009. We are asking all of our tribal relatives who are able to send a delegation to Sacramento to show support for us in this effort. As you are all aware, we are limited in funds and could use your financial assistance if you are able to help us house, transport, feed and/or fuel vehicles for tribal members and other folks who come to walk to the court with us.

Any and all assistance is helpful and we appreciate your generosity as well as your good wishes on this major step forward we are taking.

Once we have secured the okay of the Miwok people (in whose land the court sits) to dance and the location of the area they feel is suitable for this use, we will have a major press release and an additional Tribal Advisory sent to you all.

This issue is not one that was easy to reach but we have seen our lands damaged almost beyond repair; the waters polluted and the salmon stranded and lost to our home streams: now is the time for us to act, and we have, continuing the efforts begun in 2004 with our War Dance on Shasta Dam!

We welcome all to join with us!

The information below is our scheduled activities leading up to the target date of the 20th:

April 17th we go to Universe Rock to pray for papers
April 18th we will be in the village at fire, we will get ready to travel.
April 19th we will go to Sacramento down by Old Sac by the river, set the drum and fire and dance in the evening.
April 20th we will war dance in the morning, walk to the Capitol for media event at 12 noon, and file the complaint by 2:30pm

This is the day in history that we have been praying for. Our complaint is not about recognition, but about the harms caused by the BIA, BLM, BOR, USFS, Dept of Agriculture, and Dept. of Interior for not upholding the law and promises by the US.

Contact the tribe if you can help out or come to support. Additional press notifications are forthcoming so stay tuned!