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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rocky Point Charter School

I recently had the opportunity to talk with the students in Mrs. Hobbs combined fifth through eighth grade classes at the Rocky Point Charter School, located in Redding California. I have always been an advocate of charter education and found the experience of talking with these children, to be a highlight of the work that I do on behalf of the tribe.

Mrs. Hobbs and the staff administration of the school are to be congratulated on the innovative approach that they are taking it educating the children of Shasta County. During the time that I was on campus, which was actually more than an hour longer than I intended to be there, I found that the teaching practicum, classroom management styles, and the general behavior of the children was better than in any of the other schools that I have had the opportunity to work with. This is not to say, but the children and staff of the public schools are lacking in the ability to learn and to accept new ideas, only that the Rocky point school has made a point of including their children, as they say, as members of the "crew" that propels their ship of education.

During my presentation , the students listened attentively and I could see as they listened they were formulating questions based on information they were just then hearing, and combining that information with what they had studied prior to my arrival. The students asked questions of the caliber of those asked by students I have spoken before in universities and colleges around the country.

After we have completed our visit, students who had come into the presentation not truly understanding the effect of damming rivers, flooding traditional homelands of tribal people, or even realizing that there were other Wintu bands who still exist in Shasta County besides those of the rancheria, were heard saying that they had formed updated opinions on the topics discussed and were looking forward to seeing the areas we talked about to actually see the effect of Shasta Dam on those places .

For those of you in Shasta County looking for quality education for your children, let me wholeheartedly recommend that you look into the Rocky Point Charter School as an alternative educational experience for your children.

I look forward to visiting the school again and appreciate the questions, the hospitality, and most importantly, the children of Mrs. Hobbs' class.

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