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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Western Regional Partnership

I had the opportunity to represent the Tribe at the 2009 WRP meeting in Reno Nevada this past week. I suggest to all tribal people and those from the Environmental Justice movement to look into this partnership.
The members of the partnership represent a vast coalition of Department of Defense units, all of whom, in my opinion, are working to find solutions to problems associated with DOD installations around the 5 states of the western region.
Issues under examination include:GIS, Energy, Land Use, Wildlife Corridors/critical habitat and threatened and endangered species, Border issues and disaster preparedness. Each of these areas involve not only the non natives of this land but Tribal areas as well.
The days spent at this event were extremely beneficial to me as a tribal representative: they gave a human connection to what I have always perceived to be an impersonal group of agencies.
I applaud the people who attended for their openness in discussion of issues of tribal sensitivity as well as their openness to the issues of tribal people. My colleagues from the Water Commission: Atta Stevenson and Randy Yonemura, look forward to continuing the conversations started with the admirals, generals and leaders of the agencies who attended. I have committed to assisting this partnership in whatever way I can to assist these folks in planning for the changes that we tribal people have been saying were coming.
Check out the website of the partnership if you have a; I think you will be surprised at what we are working on and hope that you will open your minds to the possible assistance tribal folks now have the chance to provide to protect our sacred lands and our mother earth.

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