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Friday, February 18, 2011

Regarding the History of Shasta Dam - A quick messagefrom our Chief

Caleen Audrey Sisk-Franco

Maybe one should ask about the earthquake fault line that lies under Lake Shasta and how much time do people of Redding, Cottonwood, Anderson, Red Bluff, etc... have to evacuate? Of course one person in the BOR said that not even a 10.0 earthquake could break the dam.

The water stored here is not for the people here. The giant Agriculture Businesses are the real BOSS of the Shasta Dam. They have the right amount of money and the right friends they put in power. When the Dam was built they made the Wintu Indians the insignificant in the way, now, they are making the Chinook Salmon the insignificant needing water to spawn.

Since the Shasta Dam was built, water pollution has sky rocketed. You can't drink water from the rivers and high mountain streams, but people trusted piped in , filtered water. Talk to the people who are now receiving smelly water, brown water, and no water from the tap. Then think of the 10 million more people moving to California. Why would people be moving to a state that projects a 40% water shortage by 2020? Shasta Dam will not support the water needs even if they raised it another 200 feet. Water has to stop being just a commodity!

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