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Thursday, November 03, 2005

We all stand under One Sky

This is the start of a new chapter in the Winnemem Journey to Justice... a blog! What I hope to convey to any who read this is that the Winnemem Wintu are a tribal people who still live and carry on the traditional values of our ancestors.
I call this a "Journey to Justice" because we are still seeking some measure of justice from the United States of America after nearly 155 years of broken promises and abrogated treaty rights!

All we ask is for the same consideration and protection of our rights as any other citizen of this country would receive.
We are in a battle today, just as in the past, to preserve our sacred sites and the cultural landscape of our people.. not just for us today but for the generations to come and to honor those who sacrificed and have gone on before us.
Over the next days I hope to add details of the struggle we are in and perhaps present a case that will invite you to help us.
We all stand under one sky... help us protect the mountains and the water, the salmon and all that has been gifted to us.